Extra Curricular: Art and Cultural Theory reading group at Spike Island, Bristol

16 October 2012
[opposite]<br/>Sarah Browne, How to Use Fool's Gold (Pyrite Radio

October 21st at Spike Island, Bristol, UK

This reading group offers an opportunity to discover and debate current trends in art and cultural theory. Each month an artist or writer is invited to propose a text that has informed his or her work and to lead an informal discussion around the themes and questions it poses.

For the October session Irish artist Sarah Browne introduces an extract from Thinking, Fast and Slow (2011) by Daniel Kahneman, winner of a Nobel Prize for Economics. The book compares instinctive emotional responses with slower logic-based deliberations, and Browne uses this as a starting point for extrapolating these two tendencies into the field of art production.

Sarah Browne, How to Use Fool’s Gold (Pyrite Radio), 2012. Photo: Scott Massey.