Kennedy Browne included in INTERZONE screening at the Wexner, Ohio

10 September 2013
[opposite]<br/>Dennis McNulty, INTERZONE, 2012. HD video, 13'<br />

In conjunction with Interzone, the September program for The Box at Wexner for the Arts, Irish artist Dennis McNulty presents a selection of experimental films that explore our relationship to landscape, technology, and the urban environment by Lana Lin, Sean Meehan, Dan Walwin, and other artists to be announced. While at the Wex, McNulty is working on a brand new project.

McNulty will introduce a number of films, including: 

Origin of the Species (Ben Rivers, 16mm, 2008) 16 mins
Reciprocal 0 (Bea McMahon, 2007) 4 mins
IMMORTALITY (Dan Walwin, 2011) 4 mins
Stranger Baby (Lana Lin, 16mm, 1995) 14 mins
The Myth of the Many in the One (Kennedy Browne) 20 mins
Google Glass: How it feels (2013) 2 mins
The view from the road (Kevin Lynch) 9 mins
Salt pile/ v9 (Sean Meehan) 2 mins
How Algorithms shape our world (Kevin Slavin) 15 mins

Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio