Still, We Work at Tulca Arts Festival

01 November 2013
[opposite]<br/>Exhibition crate by Fiona McDonald

November 8 – 24 2013

After being shown at the Gallery of Photography, the exhibition STILL, WE WORK travels to Galway, to the Tulca Festival of Visual Art.

STILL, WE WORK is exhibited as part of the Tulca Festival of Art programme in Galway in partnership with 126 Artist-Led Gallery. On the occasion, Galway University Hospital Arts Trust also partners with Tulca and 126 to work with Vagabond Reviews, who will hold a visibility clinic and workshop, adding more panels to their (In)Visible Labour Factorium.

 A video of the festival is now online and the images from the exhibition can be seen approx. 3 mins and 30 secs into the timeline. You can view it by visiting the Tulca website.