Transcript of Fugitive Papers Slow Visibility

10 November 2015
[opposite]<br/>Image Ruby Wallis

The public discussion Slow Visibility was part of Tulca 2013 Golden Mountain, curated by Valerie Connor. The event was supported by Tulca and the Community Knowledge Initiative. The invited participants were Sarah Browne, Michelle Browne, Maria Kerin, Alice Lyons, Christine Mackey, Ailbhe Murphy, Deirdre O’Mahony, Seoidín O’Sullivan, Ciaran Smyth and Judith Stewart. The discussion was followed by the launch of Fugitive Papers # 5. We would like to thank Ann Lyons of the Community Knowledge Initiative for the transcript of the discussion, and all contributors for taking the time to edit it. We hope this document will be of use for future research and discussions.

The transcript is available to download here.