Epigenetic Activity Mat

"Like the film [The Shambles of Science] the installation Epigenetic Activity Mat resonates with current concerns of co-habitation and interspecies solidarity. The textile mat incorporates printed images and cast objects inspired by tools of play and domestication, with an implicit warning of violence. The installation also encompasses two text excerpts presented as video: first-person testimonies of force-fed suffragettes and witness descriptions from the 1903 diaries of Af Hageby and Schartau that would ignite the so-called 'Brown Dog affair'. With this work, Browne speculates on the intergenerational effects of trauma, even between bodies that may not be obviously related."

– Nora Heidorn & Simon Sheikh


Exhibited at Sick and Desiring, Hordaland Kunstsenter, curated by Nora Heidorn for Bergen Assembly 2019